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I have an easy rule when it comes to carry-on luggage and YSL Replica Handbags. First they need to be protective and durable, I don’t want my luggage to be a fast-fashion take-away, we all know the quality of fast-fashion clothes, they usually break after using for the third time. Then the cover needs to be as hard as the back-shield of a green turtle, protecting everything vulnerable that’s inside; you know like your lappie, iPad and Chanel bag.

I love Gucci Replica Handbags because they are well known for their quality, one of their best selling styles are iconic prints and cheeky sayings. The collaboration with Joanthan Alder resulted in crafting these carry-ons with vibrant colors reflecting a playful and glamorous spirit. The Geometric patterns and bold colors take you away from the boredom.

Certainly the amount of the investment plays a huge role when it comes to luggage; some of you only use it in special occasions like traveling and holidays. I rather spend some money on totes and shoulder bags than on items that I don’t use often. The price of this collection is €545, not too bad for a quality carry-on. At TUMI e-ggstore.